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Discover Optimal Wellness Box 5-Piece Supplements Set

Discover Optimal Wellness Box 5-Piece Supplements SetProduct image courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue


Discover Optimal Wellness Box 5-Piece Supplements Set


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WHAT IT IS The Optimal Wellness Box features Vitamin D Sun, B Famous, Healthy Flora, Beauty in a Bottle, and Cortisol Balancer supplements Made in USA. FIVE-PIECE SET INCLUDES Vitamin D Sun, 30 capsules B Famous, 30 capsules Healthy Flora, 30 capsules Beauty in a Bottle, 30 capsules Cortisol Balancer, 30 capsules WHAT IT DOES Vitamin D Sun is perfect when the sun alone just won’t do, these Vitamin D capsules help absorb Calcium that contributes to the maintenance of bones and muscles. They support the functioning of the immune system and improve the appearance of lackluster hair, skin, and nails. They also support immune health, optimal bone health, arterial health, and healthy colon prostate, and breast tissue. B Famous are packed with high-potency multi-B Vitamins that support and contribute to the growth, development, and function of cell metabolism to keep skin glowing and maintain the health of the digestive, immune and nervous systems. They help alleviate brain fog, support optimal hormone function, support a strong immune system, and help improve the body's ability to deal with stress. Healthy Flora supplements are packed with a researched blend of probiotics to improve digestion and overall gut health. They improve the gut microbiome, help alleviate bloating and gas, and support healthy skin. Beauty in a Bottle is a food supplement that contains 20 powerful ingredients to boost hair, skin, and nails. Cortisol Balancer is formulated with six key synergistic ingredients including two superstar adaptogens. Adaptogens help with the body's adaptation process and resilience to stressful conditions, whether physical or emotional, to regulate healthy stress response and achieve homeostasis for survival. They support a healthy stress response, healthy sex hormone levels, and restful sleep. They also help balance serotonin levels to help one's mood.

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