Best Men's Designer Belts

Like the forgotten bolo tie, belts deserve some TLC as well. They’re usually considered an afterthought when it comes to accessorizing, as many outfits work well without the presence of one. 

Of course, they’re not solely treated as a fashion statement, since belts are also used as a functional asset.

For instance, they’re used to prevent sagging and accidental buttcrack peaks—so can we get an overdue round of applause for this wardrobe basic? 

If you’re in dire need of a leather belt to wrap around your waist, we’ve gathered some of the best men’s designer belts that are sure to accentuate any outfit.

You’d be surprised to know the number of options out there, as brands like Thom Browne, Burberry, and Salvatore Ferragamo offer a broad selection of must-haves on their website. 

Finding The Best Men’s Designer Belts 

Best Men's Designer Belts

Belts serve three purposes. One, they’re used as a fashion statement. Two, they help cinch in the waist. And three, they prevent your bottoms from sagging down.

It’s important to find a design that checks all of these boxes since this helps guarantee quality and continued wearability

A good amount of men’s designer belts are made out of leather or heavy cotton.

They should feel durable and resilient under stress. Of course, you should look out for other key assets such as buckles, clasps, and the number of punch holes it has. 

Aside from material quality, customers should also consider what design to opt for. Belts come in a variety of shapes and colors, plus they include various embellishments, so it’s important to assess your current aesthetic before choosing a design. 

It’s worth noting that some designer belts come in a range of sizes. If you typically lean on the smaller or bigger end of the measurement spectrum, it’s probably best to double-check the options that are available at your chosen brand. 

The 10 Best Men’s Designer Belts 

10 Best Men’s Designer Belts 1

There’s nothing more irritating than putting together an outfit, then realizing that it’s missing a fundamental piece. 

There’s no doubt that you look fabulous in a fitted blazer and a pair of tuxedo pants, but you can’t help but feel that it’s missing a certain cherry on top.

Instead of adding a tie, a colorful pair of socks, or a fancy watch for bling, why not opt for a chic designer belt

From Givenchy to Prada, we’ve rounded up a few of the best men’s designer belts that are sure to tickle your fancy. Before you sign off, be sure to check out our FAQ section, in which we’ll answer some of your burning questions related to this accessory. 

What Are The Most Popular Men’s Designer Belts?

Best Men's Designer Belts

Designer belts are known as expensive accessories. With that in mind, it’s important to be absolutely confident about your purchase before hitting the checkout. 

Of course, you can relax knowing that our top 10 list of the best designer belts is considered the créme-de-la-créme of accessories. But for those who still feel overwhelmed with the shopping process, we’ll provide a condensed list you can follow. 

  • Salvatore Ferragamo: Exquisitely constructed with premium materials, this luxury brand typically prefers leather luxury goods. 
  • Burberry: If you’re not a fan of monochrome hues, then we recommend opting for the classic Burberry print. 
  • Prada: Those who covet the finesse of black Prada bags will be glad to know that the brand also offers the same aesthetic for its belts. 
  • Off-White: Tired of the overused corporate look? If so, this luxury brand offers another alternative that’s definitely streetwear appropriate. 

Why Are Men’s Designer Belts So Expensive?

Best Men's Designer Belts

From jewelry to bags, anything that’s considered designer is bound to be expensive. Belts are no exception, as you can easily find a design that’s well past the $100 limit

If you’re wondering why these items cost so much, the expense is usually justified by two things: hype and quality construction.

Luxury belts are made with the best materials, whether that be calf leather or printed canvas. Made to withstand stress, customers can relax knowing that they’ll last for years of use. 

It’s no secret that designer brands rely on hype and company reputation in order to drive up sales. With every $500+ purchase, customers are also given bragging rights.

Not many people can afford a $460 Salvatore Ferragamo belt, and owning one automatically places you in the 1% pool that can. 

What Are Men’s Designer Belts Made Of?

Best Men's Designer Belts

As previously mentioned, men’s designer belts are usually made out of genuine leather and heavy-duty cotton.

Other brands, such as Prada, utilize other fabrics like nylon. For additional specifics, we highly recommend that you read the product description of your chosen belt. 

What Sizes Do Men’s Designer Belts Come In?

Best Men's Designer Belts

For men’s belts, the sizes usually range from small to XXXL. It’s worth noting that most brands offer their own sizing options—as Prada’s perception of ‘medium’ may not apply to other companies like Burberry or Thom Browne.

Unfortunately, some labels just provide one-size only belts, which don’t accommodate every body shape. 

Are Men’s Designer Belts Worth It?

Best Men's Designer Belts

Let’s be honest—designer belts are usually viewed as a frou-frou purchase. It’s relatively easy to cop an affordable alternative online, so what’s the value in investing in something that’s so expensive? 

For one, luxury goods exude that sense of sophistication and class that other brands can never offer. Two, most of these companies keep a close eye on quality craftsmanship and material composition, so you don’t have to worry about loose threads here. 

At the end of the day, trendsetters should consider the overall value of the belt. Is it something you can’t imagine not wearing? If so, can you adequately justify dropping $400 on a luxury alternative? Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that there are hundreds of iconic belts to choose from. 

Finding The Best Designer Glasses

10 Designer Glasses

To the visually impaired, we offer our condolences. Eye exams offer a cruel reminder of increased astigmatism, and investing in a new pair requires a hefty amount of savings. 

The lenses themselves can cost upwards of about $400 depending on your condition, which doesn’t even cover blue light filtering and transition specs.

Fortunately, there is some excitement in choosing frames, such as those offered by designer brands. 

From Chanel to Dolce & Gabanna, there’s definitely no shortage of luxury eyeglass brands on the market. If anything, it’s considered the easiest way to expose yourself to designer goods.

Most vision care centers sell haute couture frames, making it simpler for customers to dabble in Armani and other high-end brands. 

In need of some new specs? If your prescription is well beyond the $300 limit, you might as well invest in a quality pair of frames.

Below, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best designer glasses that money can buy. Let’s get started! 

The 10 Best Designer Glasses

10 Designer Glasses

Compared to a traditional pair of readers, prescription lenses require a hefty amount of forethought. The process starts with the eye exam, where the optometrist will assess your current condition. 

Once you’ve been given a prescription, you can finally start thinking about blue light filtering, transition specs, and polarization.

Designer brands won’t address any of these factors, since they focus on frames only. It’s still important to consider them, however, given that glasses are a lifetime affair. 

A good pair of designer glasses should complement your face shape. There are hundreds of useful guides online that recommend specific frames for certain people. In addition, customers should consider the size and color of their specs

Are you in the market for a large pair of eyeglasses? If so, do you prefer standard black or transparent frames? It’s important to be absolutely certain about your answers because designer spectacles aren’t cheap. 

Long gone are the days of ‘Ugly Betty.’ Glasses are no longer exclusively affiliated with the nerd aesthetic—they’re considered a crucial statement piece for any aesthetic.

For instance, there’s the romantic rounded silhouette popularized by cottage core and the post-apocalyptic abstract pair associated with techwear. 

So, what kind of look are you going for? Designer glasses come in various shapes, colors, and sizes, so you don’t have to worry about a super limited selection.

From Dior to Prada, trendsetters can find a broad assortment of frames to choose from. All it takes is some patience, money, and a certain vision to follow. 

For those in need of recommendations, we’ll spotlight a few of the best designer glasses that are sure to make a statement. We’ll also address some common questions related to luxury specs, ranging from price to quality and more. 

What Are The Most Popular Designer Glasses?

10 Designer Glasses

Designer glasses span in the thousands. Given that most wearers are keen to look different, I think it’s safe to say that there isn’t one particular design that stands out.

So it’s difficult to pinpoint which designer glasses are most popular. But, what we can do is provide a condensed list of trendy brands to consider. 

Recognized for their distinct aesthetic and silhouette, these specs will definitely warrant an appreciative nod from fellow fashionistas. 

  • Ray-Bans: Considered the crème-de-la-crème of designer glasses, this brand offers a stunning selection of frames to choose from. 
  • Burberry: Contemporary, simplistic, and practical for everyday wear, this designer company’s frames have a hint of vintage flair. 
  • Dolce & Gabanna: If you’re bored of traditional specs, we suggest opting for D&G. They offer a bold assortment of atypical colors and shapes in their collection. 
  • Prada: Refined in silhouette, this designer brand keeps things low-key for haute couture enthusiasts. 
  • Michael Kors: Designed for the modern trendsetter, customers can find a wide assortment of contemporary frames to select from. 

Why Are Designer Glasses So Expensive?

10 Designer Glasses

When it comes to glasses, the expense is divided into two sections: frames and lenses. In most cases, you’re spending the majority of your savings on the lenses themselves.

Of course, this varies case by case, as increased prescriptions usually entail a heftier fee. Other add-ons, such as anti-scratch coating and blue light filtering, will also bump up the price. 

If you want to invest in some Prada frames, be prepared to pay anywhere from $200 to $400 for a quality pair. Luxury labels aren’t known to come cheap, as they rely on exclusivity and hype as their prime marketing strategy. 

How Can I Tell If My Designer Glasses Are Real?

10 Designer Glasses

Designer glasses will usually feature the brand logo, a serial number, and a manufacturer barcode on either side of the temples

It’s worth noting that customers should support reputable brands such as Hakim Optical or LensCrafters to ensure the credibility of their lenses.

Those purchased second-hand at online marketplaces such as Poshmark and Depop aren’t known to offer legitimate luxury goods. 

Are Designer Glasses Worth It?

10 Designer Glasses

As previously mentioned, glasses are a lifetime investment. Prescription readers are intended to be worn every day unless you commonly switch between specs and contact lenses. 

With that in mind, we believe that designer eyeglasses are well worth the money. If you’re worried about the price tag, there’s some reassurance knowing that they’ll last for years and years as long as they’re looked after carefully. 

Plus, customers don’t have to concern themselves over wearability, since prescription glasses are the literal embodiment of functional fashion

How To Style Designer Glasses

It takes a bit of tweaking to style designer glasses, considering that some outfits can clash with specs. But for avid trendsetters, it’s a fun challenge to see which OOTDs pair well with eyeglasses.

For those in need of some inspo, we’ll share a few ways to style your luxury prescription lenses.

10 Designer Glasses

Of course, glasses are known to frame the face. But why not add some hairpieces for a touch of pizazz? Designed to draw more attention to your facial features, we recommend wearing a decorative headscarf for a pop of color

10 Designer Glasses

It’s no secret that exaggerated frames pair nicely with statement earrings. The best part about this styling tip is that you’re free to mix and match with any color or silhouette.

For instance, this model chose to complement her round-shaped lenses with a pair of crescent danglers. 

10 Designer Glasses

Despite their dated connection to ‘geek fashion,’ glasses are often considered a stylish accessory. So we thought it best to reintroduce ‘nerd-style’ in a more contemporary way.

This sophisticated outfit pairs cat-eye frames with a top bun and a houndstooth blazer. Tailored in silhouette, it’s giving major ‘sexy secretary’ vibes for those looking to intimidate. 

Designer Sneakers Women

That ‘Miranda Priestly’ aura can only last for so long, especially if you’re wearing a blistering pair of Christian Louboutins. It’s a well-known fact that fashion often demands sacrifice, but should it really involve pain? 

Ladies, it’s time to put those cutesy Jimmy Choos to bed. There’s a huge selection of designer sneakers for women at your disposal instead—ranging from Chanel to Valentino and more

Flat-footed in design, luxury sneakers provide the comfort of everyday runners and have an air of haute couture exclusivity.

It also doesn’t hurt to mention that athleisure continues to be a prevalent trend, so you don’t have to worry about out-of-season styles here. From chunky platforms to traditional lace-ups, there’s a shoe out there calling your name. 

Care to add to your ever-growing shoe collection? If so, then consider our top 10 list of the best designer sneakers for women as more of a shopping list rather than a countdown. 

Finding the Best Designer Sneakers For Women 

Designer Sneakers Women

A good pair of designer sneakers should be able to handle normal wear and tear. Of course, durability relies on construction and the materials used.

Most reputable brands use a typical blend of canvas, leather, rubber, plastic, and synthetics

If well made, the shoes should feel thick and sturdy in silhouette. Obviously, flimsy textiles will usually result in future rips and holes. 

Other features, such as EVA midsoles, ankle support, and adjustable buckles, are considered great assets to have, especially if you suffer from foot pain. 

Out of the hundreds of best designer sneakers for women, it’s important to consider your personal taste in footwear before settling on a pair.

For instance, do you prefer a chunky silhouette, or can you make do with a simple pair of tennis shoes? At the end of the day, your chosen design should align with your current aesthetic. 

The 10 Best Designer Sneakers For Women 

Late for your 12:00 o’clock meeting, you scurry past the office door to be presented with a pair of Prada heels. They definitely give off major boss-babe energy, but they’re not the most practical pair of shoes for someone who’s running behind schedule. 

If you want to exude the same degree of intimidation, minus the foot pain, we highly recommend investing in some designer sneakers for women. From Alexander McQueen to Givenchy, these sneakers are perfect for those who value comfort and style. 

Can’t decide on a pair? If so, we’ll highlight a few of the best designer sneakers for women trendsetters to consider. Be sure to check out our FAQ section as well, where we’ll address some of your burning questions related to luxury footwear. 

What Are The Most Popular Designer Sneakers Women?

Designer Sneakers Women

We get it—you only want the crème-de-la-crème of haute couture kicks. Given the expense, it’s probably best to be picky when it comes to buying a new pair of shoes.

Here are some of the most popular brands that sell designer sneakers for women. 

  • Chanel: Chunky in silhouette, this designer brand takes a much-needed break from classy tweed suits and bags in an effort to jump onto the athleisure trend. 
  • Balenciaga: Considered a favorite of Lizzo and Cardi B, this haute couture label offers a stunning selection of sock shoes. 
  • Gucci: In the mood for something bolder? If so, you can always opt for monogram prints and loud embellishments, such as those offered at this designer brand.
  • Comme des Garçons: We’re specifically referring to their collab with Converse. Accentuated with an iconic red heart, it’s a simple way to add a designer drip to your casual outfit. 

Why Are Designer Sneakers So Expensive?

Designer Sneakers Women

Like any designer brand, price is typically justified in two ways: exclusivity and construction. You’re mostly paying for the company name itself, as luxury labels heavily depend on their esteemed reputation in order to make sales. 

Not only are you dropping $500 on a pair of luxury kicks, but you’re also investing in the prestige and ‘class’ that comes with them. Only a few customers can actually afford a pair of Chanel shoes, which puts you in the 1% pool that can. 

Material composition is another factor to consider. Some designer brands use a high-quality blend of leather and printed canvas. Other embellishments, such as embroidery or crystals may be responsible for hiking up the final price.

How To Clean Designer Sneakers

Designer Sneakers Women

Designer sneakers require routine care and maintenance in order to ensure continued wear. We recommend brushing off any surface-level debris with a microfiber cloth. For stains, a damp rag can do wonders by eliminating any blemishes. 

In terms of storage, most experts agree that footwear should be stored in a dark and dry environment. Bonus points for those who decide to conceal their kicks in a shoebox. 

Are Designer Sneakers Worth It?

Designer Sneakers Women

Sneakers are considered a wardrobe basic. Compared to Oxfords, flats, and heels, they’re usually the go-to shoe for many casual dressers.

That’s why we believe that investing in a pair of designer kicks is worth the money. High-quality in construction, you can rest assured that your coveted pair of Chanel sneakers will last for a couple of years. 

Of course, it’s still important to consider your personal aesthetic before settling on a design. For instance, are you the type of person to wear sneakers, or are you a boot kind of gal? At the end of the day, customers should feel confident when committing to a new pair of shoes. 

How To Style Designer Sneakers

Designer sneakers require some major outfit consideration. You don’t want all of the attention to be directed toward your feet, which is why it’s important to create a cohesive ensemble. Below, we’ll share some tips on how to style your new haute couture kicks. 

Designer Sneakers Women

Gucci tennis shoes are relatively simple in silhouette. That being said, their iconic green and red stripe require a stylish outfit to match.

As seen here, we recommend opting for a cheetah-print dress and a bright red crossbody bag. Vibrant with color and pattern, this is the perfect way to style your designer sneakers. 

Designer Sneakers Women

You can never go wrong with a cute matching set. Composed of a red and white gingham suit, this vibrant outfit blends beautifully with a pair of neutral-colored Chanel sneakers. For accessories, we suggest adding a Fendi bag for additional pizazz. 

Designer Sneakers Women

Converse sneakers and jeans go hand-in-hand. With that in mind, it seems only natural to pair your Comme Des Garçons Play shoes with a pair of high-waisted denim jeans. Accentuated with a black crop top, this is an effortless way to elevate any casual outfit. 

Best Dior Heels

Dior’s heels have remained a popular item in their catalog since their inception. The difference between a pair of Dior heels and any other pair of high heels is that while the latter can help you stand out, the former stands out on their own.

I’ll be ranking my picks for the best Dior heels so that you can decide which ones deserve a place in your closet. You might just have to dust off your pedestal first because you’re going to want to put the shoes above everything else in your footwear collection.

Finding The Best Dior Heels

Best Dior Heels

You probably don’t need me to tell you this but Dior heels are big investments. They are quite expensive because they come from one of the most renowned designers on the planet.

That being said, price isn’t everything. Finding the best Dior heels comes down to knowing what you prioritize in a pair of shoes.

For instance, do you want the most affordable shoe available regardless of how much it costs? Or, do you have a more flexible budget and want to splurge on a pair of heels you can rely on for all your events?

Also, consider when, where, and how you’ll wear your pair as you read through my picks for the best Dior heels.

The 10 Best Dior Heels

Best Dior Heels

Let’s move on to my list of the ‘best Dior heels.’ I’ll highlight how each shoe balances comfort, visual design, price, and versatility.

Knowing which of these factors is the most important to you will help you determine which heel belongs on your foot.

1: J’Adior Slingback Pump

J'Adior Slingback Pump
J’Adior Slingback Pump

The J’Adior slingback pump is a prime example of Dior’s savoir-faire. On this black multicolor embroidered cotton design, Maria Grazia Chiuri proposes a new Pop version of the iconic Toile de Jouy motif with an exotic mythological scene enhanced by metallic thread. The two-tone strass ‘J’ADIOR’ ribbon, bow and 6.5 cm (2.5) comma heel complete the elegant and refined creation.

Price: $1,150.00

2: J’Adior Slingback Pump

J'Adior Slingback Pump
J’Adior Slingback Pump

The J’Adior slingback pump is a prime example of Dior savoir-faire. The embroidered cotton design is enhanced by a black macramé motif in an elegant play on transparency. The ‘J’ADIOR’ embroidered ribbon, the bow and 10 cm (4) comma heel complete the refined and elegant creation.

Price: $1,450.00

3: D-Clash Pump

D-Clash Pump
D-Clash Pump

The D-Clash pump is a creation that playfully combines elegance and modernity. Crafted in black embroidered cotton, the style is distinguished by silver-finish metal rivet detailing and a strap with a decorative ‘CD’-engraved button. The black rubber sole offers ultimate comfort, while the square toe and the 5.5 cm (2) heel add the finishing touch to this sophisticated shoe.

Price: $1,650.00

4: D-Motion Pump

D-Motion Pump
D-Motion Pump

Already an icon of the collection, the D-Motion pump features a hybrid design, joining elegance with elements borrowed from sportswear. Crafted in black textured technical fabric, the style is distinguished by a white and black rubber sole and a strap with a tonal decorative button, as well as a ‘Christian Dior Paris’ signature at the back. The square toe and 5.5 cm (2) heel lend the finishing touch to this modern shoe, which can be worn with mesh high socks.

Price: $1,050.00

5: La Parisienne Dior Pump

La Parisienne Dior Pump
La Parisienne Dior Pump

Updating the classic Mary Jane, the La Parisienne Dior pump plays on the codes of modernity and retro elegance. The black patent calfskin design has a slightly square toe, further embellished with a silver-tone mirror-effect ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR PARIS’ plate. Completed by a 5.5 cm (2) heel, the shoe will lend the finishing touch to any outfit.

Paris: $1,090.00

6: Dior Capture Pump

Dior Capture Pump
Dior Capture Pump

The Dior Capture pump is a delicate creation that is both elegant and modern. The exceptional design is crafted in silver-tone cotton embroidered with metallic thread, further adorned with multicolor square strass, offering a graphic aesthetic. A fully embroidered 10 cm (4) comma heel lends the finishing touch to the sophisticated shoe, an ideal choice for evening attire.

Price: $2,090.00

7: Dior Attract Pump Mule

Dior Attract Pump Mule
Dior Attract Pump Mule

The Dior Attract pump is a sophisticated and contemporary style. Crafted in black supple calfskin, Maria Grazia Chiuri pays homage to the House’s archives with the pump’s diamond toe. The elegant style is completed by a 10 cm (4) heel.

Price: $890.00

8: Dior Captute Heeled Mule

Dior Captute Heeled Mule
Dior Captute Heeled Mule

The Dior Capture mule is a delicate creation that combines elegance and modernity. The design plays on House codes and is crafted in black Cannage embroidered cotton mesh. Its adjustable strap and fully embroidered 6 cm (2.5) comma heel bring the finishing touch to this sophisticated shoe.

Price: $1,190.00

9: Dway Dior Slide

Dway Dior Slide
Dway Dior Slide

Part of the Dioriviera capsule collection, the Dway heeled slide boasts a timeless and emblematic silhouette and highlights the House’s iconic Toile de Jouy motif. The bright pink upper is embroidered with a ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature, making it an immediate statement piece. Featuring a 4 cm (1.5) block heel, the slide lends a modern touch to any look and can be paired with other Dioriviera creations.

Price: $850.00

10: Dway Heeled Sandal

Dway Heeled Sandal
Dway Heeled Sandal

The Dway heeled sandal elegantly reimagines one of the House’s hallmark creations. Crafted in black embroidered cotton adorned with silver-tone strass, it is distinguished by an array of delicate straps revealing an embroidered ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature on the upper. Completed by a 10 cm (4) heel, the exceptional shoe is ideal for formal attire.

Price: $1,850.00

What Are the Most Popular Dior Heels?

Best Dior Heels

Although Dior makes heels of all varieties—including pumps, slingbacks, and stilettos—there’s a clear winner of the popularity contest. The Dior J’Adior shoe is easily the most popular heel in their collection.

One reason for their popularity is because their design is so adaptable.

You can purchase the Dior J’Adior shoe as a lower or a higher heel and in multiple colors. And nearly every one of them looks good enough that I’d dump my bank account to build a collection of them.

Do Dior Heels Run True To Size?

Best Dior Heels

I’ve seen conflicting information regarding whether or not the best Dior heels run true to size. Dior claims that their shoes are true to size but then they add that shoppers should order half a size larger than their regular size.

This is confusing because if they run true to size then why would you need to order a slightly larger size? Well, it’s because Dior heels are relatively thinner than other heels.

So, purchasing a half a size above your normal size should give your feet a bit more real estate to move around in.

Internet commenters have also said that they usually buy Dior heels either half a size or a full size larger than their true size. With all that said, here’s my recommendation: try Dior heels on in person before you buy them if possible.

How Can You Tell If Dior Heels Are Real?

Best Dior Heels

You can sometimes tell if a pair of heels is real or fake based entirely on how they feel.

For example, the Dior J’Adior has a permeable material that allows air to flow to your toes. So, they should feel light and airy—whereas fake Dior heels will feel cheap even though they look the same.

Also, real Dior heels have a thicker heel for the most part, so take a look at the heel’s width to determine if your pair is real or not.

Where Are Dior Heels Made?

Best Dior Heels

The majority of the best Dior heels are made in Italy. There are some shoes that the brand manufactures in Spain but I’m unsure if this includes their heels.

How To Style Dior Heels

Best Dior Heels

You can match your Dior heels to a sleek pair of pants that follow a similar color scheme. Styling them like this promotes synergy between the shoes and the rest of the outfit.

Plus, it allows the heels to shine without coming off like you’re trying to showboat. 

Another way you could style Dior heels is by wearing a skirt or dress that ends above your knees. This gives the luxurious heels more ‘room to breathe’ so that they’ll act as the focal point of your outfit.

Best Louis Vuitton Slides

Ah, boots. Considered a must-have for summer, Doc Martens and Uggs are the go-to choices for many beach bums and poolside babes.

Obviously, I’m just kidding—but it goes to show the importance of wearing appropriate footwear for the season. If you’re looking to beat the July heat, then a pair of breathable slides is a must. 

While you’re free to cop a $5 pair at your local department store, I recommend opting for something more durable instead. Below, I’ve rounded up 10 of the best Louis Vuitton slides that are sure to spice up your summer.

Constructed with the best materials, you can rest assured that each design is styled to suit the modernday palate.

Finding The Best Louis Vuitton Slides

Best Louis Vuitton Slides

Humidity encourages unproductivity. Sure, you can opt for the easy route of buying $5 slides at your local Walmart, but where’s the fun in that? If you’re prepping for a pool party or a day at the beach, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and do some real shopping. 

Fortunately, Louis Vuitton offers a broad assortment of slides to choose from. Constructed out of durable materials such as lambskin leather and denim, they’re definitely a far cry from those flimsy plastic knock-offs that break after a couple of uses. 

Typically available in monogram print and vibrant colors, it’s important for customers to consider their current aesthetic before settling on a pair. After all, the best Louis Vuitton slides usually retail at a hefty price point, ranging from $700 to $2,000

The 10 Best Louis Vuitton Slides

Best Louis Vuitton Slides

Ready to jump into summer? If so, you can’t enjoy July and August properly without a pair of LV sandals. Designed with intricate details and bright colors, they’re considered a luxurious option if you’re looking to treat yourself. 

For those in need of recommendations, I’ll spotlight 10 of the best Louis Vuitton slides that are all the rage this season. 

1: Paseo Flat Comfort Mule

Paseo Flat Comfort Mule
Paseo Flat Comfort Mule

This wintry interpretation of the Paseo flat comfort mule comes in fluffy shearling for instant warmth and softness. The wide front strap is embellished with the LV Initials and Monogram Flowers in a contrasting shade. Suitable for indoor and outdoor wear, this model is finished with a treaded rubber outsole.

Price: $1,720.00

2: Revival Flat Mule

Revival Flat Mule
Revival Flat Mule

The Revival flat mule is an easy yet elegant style in extremely soft lamb leather, which is embossed with Louis Vuitton’s signature Monogram pattern. It comes in summery colors which coordinate with the leather-goods collection. This model is finished with a padded insole for comfort and a supple leather outsole.

Price: $915.00

3: Pool Pillow Flat Comfort Mule

Pool Pillow Flat Comfort Mule
Pool Pillow Flat Comfort Mule

Monogram-embossed metallic lambskin brings a glamorous touch to the Pool Pillow flat comfort mule. This model is distinguished by its padded front strap, which is adjusted with velcro. For optimum comfort, it features an anatomic footbed, which is covered with metallic lambskin, and a lightweight micro outsole.

Price: $1,080.00

4: Magnetic Flat Mule

Magnetic Flat Mule
Magnetic Flat Mule

The Magnetic flat mule is a chic yet easy style in supple lambskin. Its wide front strap is debossed with the LV Initials signature, while its padded footbed, which is covered in lambskin, is embossed with Monogram Flowers. This model is finished with a rubber-effect leather outsole.

Price: $945.00

5: Croisiere Flat Mule

Croisiere Flat Mule
Croisiere Flat Mule

The Croisiere flat mule comes in bicolor grained calf leather embossed with the Monogram pattern, which coordinates with the Monogram Empreinte leather-goods line. It has two wide straps which cross over the foot, joined by a third diagonal strap. This easy yet chic summer style is finished with a comfortable padded footbed and a leather outsole.

Price: $945.00

6: Waterfront Mule

Waterfront Mule
Waterfront Mule

The Waterfront mule comes in Monogram rubber, which replicates the look and feel of Louis Vuitton’s iconic Monogram canvas. Completely waterproof, this pool slide also features a comfortable anatomic insole, which is signed with the LV Initials. The lightweight, flexible outsole is debossed with three Monogram Flowers.

Price: $650.00

7: Lock It Flat Mule

Lock It Flat Mule
Lock It Flat Mule

One of Louis Vuitton’s most iconic styles, the Lock It flat mule is revisited in supple grained calf leather. Its wide front strap is discreetly embossed with an LV Circle signature. This model has a padded insock for comfort and a hard-wearing outsole constructed from several layers of leather.

Price: $760.00

8: Winterbreak Flat Comfort Mule

Winterbreak Flat Comfort Mule
Winterbreak Flat Comfort Mule

Crafted from warm, fluffy shearling, the Winterbreak flat comfort mule offers style and comfort for every day. The upper is embellished with contrasting leather details: the LV Initials and Monogram Flowers, and an adjustable strap with a gold-tone buckle. This model is finished with a soft, shearling-covered footbed and a treaded rubber outsole.

Price: $1,720.00

9: LV Sunset Flat Comfort Mule

LV Sunset Flat Comfort Mule
LV Sunset Flat Comfort Mule

This glamorous take on the LV Sunset flat comfort mule comes in metallic calf leather embossed with the Monogram pattern. The wide front strap is embellished with an oversized metal chain inspired by Louis Vuitton leather goods. An anatomic insole and lightweight micro outsole enhance the comfort of this on-trend, easy-to-wear slide.

Price: $1,080.00

10: Stella Flat Mule

Stella Flat Mule
Stella Flat Mule

This version of the Stella flat mule comes in technical satin printed with the season’s key transversal star motif. Its two straps are padded for comfort and adjusted with velcro, while one is signed with a delicate LV Circle accessory. A comfortable, padded footbed and leather outsole complete this design.

Price: $1,080.00

What Are The Most Popular Louis Vuitton Slides?

Best Louis Vuitton Slides

As of late, it seems that celebs have yet to don their Louis Vuitton slides out in public. However, if I were to guess the brand’s most popular design, I’d say that it’s the brown Waterfront Mule

Offered in the company’s iconic monogram print, this simple shoe features a contoured footbed and a thick rubber strap. It’s the perfect go-to for the beach, pool, or leisurely walks. 

Are Louis Vuitton Slides True To Size?

Best Louis Vuitton Slides

Unfortunately, I uncovered conflicting reviews regarding Louis Vuitton’s shoe sizing. Some customers found their slides too big, too small, or true to size. So, I highly recommend double-checking the measurements chart before purchasing a pair. 

Where Are Louis Vuitton Slides Made?

Best Louis Vuitton Slides

According to the brand, the best Louis Vuitton slides are made in Italy. With that in mind, I advise you to be wary of counterfeits manufactured in other countries, such as China or Vietnam. 

How To Tell If Louis Vuitton Slides Are Real

Best Louis Vuitton Slides

I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but that pair of Louis Vuitton slides you copped from Facebook Marketplace are probably not real.

For those unsure of how to authenticate designer goods, don’t worry—I’ll give you the skinny. 

  • Check for certifications such as a brand tag, serial numbers, and date codes 
  • Verify the monogram print and look for any misspellings
  • Test the durability of the product by bending it ever so slightly 

How To Style Louis Vuitton Slides

It’s a well-known fact that expensive purchases require years of continued use. After all, that’s the only way to pay off that $1,000 investment. For those in need of fashion inspo, I’ll show you some ways to style your Louis Vuitton slides. 

Best Louis Vuitton Slides

Perfect for everyday wear, this casual OOTD features an LBD, a comfy cream cardigan, and a pair of Louis Vuitton slides. It’s a great go-to for trendsetters who can’t be bothered, as it’s the ideal blend between fashion and function. 

Best Louis Vuitton Slides

In need of additional accessorizing? If so, I recommend adding a decorative anklet to help accentuate your Louis Vuitton slides. If you really want to go ham, there’s nothing wrong with getting a matching pedicure too. 

Best Louis Vuitton Slides

Instead of opting for sneakers, why not wear a glamorous pair of Louis Vuitton slides instead? These kicks offer a lowkey flex for veteran trendsetters, as they’re paired with a simple black turtleneck and plain mid-wash jeans. 

Best Louis Vuitton Hat

Whether it’s the summer, winter, fall, or spring, a high-quality hat is essential. After all, it will protect your ears from the cool wind and your eyes and scalp from the bright sun.

That said, you may be looking for a designer option that’ll add a dressier, more elegant touch to your look.

Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the 10 best Louis Vuitton hats to help you decide which one (or two, or three) you’ll want to add to your wardrobe. From winter beanies to baseball caps to bucket hats, there’s something for everyone

But before we delve into the 10 best Louis Vuitton hats, we’ll provide you with a list of some key things to consider, followed by answers to important FAQs. Plus, we’ll share a few styling tips, so you’ll feel all set to shop for an everyday hat that’s right for you. 

Finding The Best Louis Vuitton Hat

Best Louis Vuitton Hat

Since LV is a designer label, there are plenty of things to consider when shopping for a hat.

First up? Think about when you’ll wear it! Choose the season you’re shopping for, and then consider how often you’ll wear the hat.

The style should be versatile enough for everyday wear, but unique enough to add a fun and vibrant touch to your daily wardrobe. The material matters, too! If you want something warm and cozy, opt for a knit wool or cotton cap. And if you desire a more breathable option, consider linen.

Finally, be sure to set a budget to determine what you’re willing to spend, especially since it’s a designer item. With all that in mind, our list of the 10 best Louis Vuitton hats 

features something that everyone will like, but you’ll have to keep reading to find out more.

The 10 Best Louis Vuitton Hats

As we’ve established, the best Louis Vuitton hats come in plenty of different styles to meet your needs year round. With unique embellishments and color palettes, it’s a great way to accessorize and add a fun, bold touch to your daily attire.

From bucket hats to winter beanies and more, there’s a style that will suit anyone’s needs. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best Louis Vuitton hats to help you find the perfect option(s).

Plus, we’ll delve into all the different styles available, their materials, how they look, how much they cost, and more.

1: LV Match Bucket Hat

LV Match Bucket Hat
LV Match Bucket Hat

The LV Match bucket hat is defined by its plush texture and athletic references. It is crafted from luxurious velvet and finished with the iconic Monogram pattern.

This new style is part of the Pre-Fall 2022 Capsule Collection that celebrates the world’s four historic tennis tournaments: the US Open, French Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon.

Price: $690.00

2: LV Crochet Stripes Bucket Hat

LV Crochet Stripes Bucket Hat
LV Crochet Stripes Bucket Hat

The LV Crochet Stripes Bucket Hat showcases the iconic LV Initials alongside elements from the Monogram pattern, knitted in contrasting colours.

It is crafted from a blend of cotton and technical yarn to ensure it maintains its shape. A soft ribbon on the inside makes it comfortable to wear.

Price: $760.00

3: LV Graphical Bucket Hat

LV Graphical Bucket Hat
LV Graphical Bucket Hat

The LV Graphical Bucket Hat is reversible, presenting two contrasting options for different moods. One side is striped and detailed with laser-cut patches of the LV Initials and Monogram Flower, as well as signature-engraved eyelets. The reverse is more understated, in a solid colour with bold LV Initials embroidery.

Price: $800.00

4: LV Bucket Mongram Appearing

LV Bucket Mongram Appearing
LV Bucket Mongram Appearing

The Monogram Appearing Bucket Hat is a reversible piece with a playful twist. One side is dark-colored and features a tone-on-tone version of the House’s classic Monogram pattern. The other side is a lighter color and is water-reactive, with a Monogram pattern that appears when it is wet.

Price: $760.00

5: Bob Everyday LV

Bob Everyday LV
Bob Everyday LV

The Bob Everyday LV Hat combines classic style with the House’s fun visual identity for the Fall-Winter 2021 collection. One side of this reversible item features a Louis Vuitton signature! against a plain background. The other side reveals a contrasting jacquard weave that subtly shows off the Monogram print.

Price: $676.49

6: LV Summer Hat

LV Summer Hat
LV Summer Hat

The LV Summer Hat is a stylish option for sun protection all summer long. This lightweight piece is made from real straw and is finished with a pure silk scarf wrapped around the middle.

To contrast the natural texture, the scarf is printed with the House’s iconic Monogram pattern and finished with the Louis Vuitton signature near the edge.

Price: $1,160.00

7: Carry On Bob

Carry On Bob
Carry On Bob

The Carry On Bob hat is a new accessory for Spring-Summer 2021. This reversible style features a Monogram motif on one side and solid color on the reverse for a more understated option. A Monogram canvas strap adds a luxurious touch to this casual piece.

Price: $760.00

8: Monogram Bandana Bucket Hat

Monogram Bandana Bucket Hat
Monogram Bandana Bucket Hat

The Monogram Bandana Bucket Hat is a reversible accessory that offers two different looks. One side of the hat features the House’s new Monogram Bandana print seen throughout the Fall-Winter 2022 Collection. On the reverse, the Louis Vuitton signature is embroidered on a solid colour backdrop.

Price: $690.00

9: LV Monogram Essential bucket hat

 LV Monogram Essential bucket hat
Monogram Essential bucket hat

The Monogram Essential bucket hat has a fashion-forward aesthetic that complements the denim story from the Spring-Summer 2021 Shoes collection. Detailed with a Monogram pattern on one side, the hat is created using a jacquard weave technique and features a solid color on the reverse. A foil Louis Vuitton signature adds a finishing touch to this reversible style.

Price: $690.00

10: LVacation Hat

LVacation Hat
LVacation Hat

The LVacation hat is a reversible accessory that’s perfect for the summer season. One side of this cotton piece has a textured 3D jacquard with Monogram Flowers, while the other features the Louis Vuitton signature, allowing for multiple wears. This hat’s classic shape makes it a timeless option.

Price: $690.00

What Are The Most Popular Louis Vuitton Hats?

Best Louis Vuitton Hat

The most popular Louis Vuitton hat is probably either a snapback or baseball cap. They come in plenty of different color options and designs, and they’re also ideal for everyday wear.

Baseball caps have definitely made a comeback in recent years and are a versatile option. They pair seamlessly with casual fits and add a more relaxed touch to anything more sophisticated. That being said, the best Louis Vuitton hat is the one that suits your needs best!

Where Are Louis Vuitton Hats Made?

Best Louis Vuitton Hat

Committed to quality, Louis Vuitton makes all of its products, including the options featured in our list of the best Louis Vuitton hats, in its workshops located in France, Spain, Italy, and the United States

To find out where a specific item is made, simply check the description. The hat should also be engraved with a serial number and stamp which indicate where it’s made.

Are Louis Vuitton Hats Good Quality?

Best Louis Vuitton Hat

Louis Vuitton is known for putting plenty of thought into each and every detail—no matter the item. So, it’s easy for our guide to say that the products are of exceptional quality.

Louis Vuitton is committed to offering unmatched detail and quality to ensure the best finished product. So, every LV hat is meticulously handcrafted from high-quality materials and includes unique features and touches. 

How To Style Louis Vuitton Hats

Now that we’ve covered some of the 10 best Louis Vuitton hats, you may be wondering how to style them. Below, we’ll share some inspo pics and ideas to get you started. 

Best Louis Vuitton Hat
  1. Vacation ready

This look was made for roaming the streets of Italy. It features a pink bucket hat and matching denim LV set, not to mention a pair of chic kitten heels. Wear a bikini underneath and you’ll be ready to set sail to paradise!

Best Louis Vuitton Hat
  1. Cool and sophisticated 

While winter tends to rear its ugly head in no time flat, you can be prepared and look good too with an LV beanie. This monochrome option plays with dark tones. It features a matching scarf and pair of gloves layered atop a warm gray pea coat. 

Best Louis Vuitton Hat
  1. Sporty

A baseball cap is the best way to make any look more casual—and this matte black LV hat does that especially well. The mock neck shirt and leather jacket keep things a little more sophisticated, while the ball cap adds a sporty touch. 

Designer Hoodies

Netflix binging in a ketchup-stained sweatshirt isn’t the most attractive image. If you intend to dress to impress, it’s imperative to put forth some styling effort. 

Don’t worry—this doesn’t involve a penguin suit and an uncomfortable pair of Oxfords. Instead, there are hundreds of designer hoodies at your disposal.

From Balenciaga to Gucci, fashionistas can shop for the trendiest designs in the comfort of their own home. 

Best paired with sweatpants and a bowl of popcorn, a designer hoodie is all you need to embody that lazy but lavish attitude.

Sure, it costs an abysmal $500 for a simple sweatshirt, but let’s be honest with ourselves here. How many times will you actually wear those Jimmy Choo heels compared to a fleece-lined hoodie? Ahem, we rest our case. 

Designed to cater to your inner couch potato, here are 10 of the best designer hoodies. Also, be sure to check out our FAQ section, where we’ll answer some common queries about luxury clothing. 

Finding The Best Designer Hoodies 

Designer Hoodies

When you think of designer goods, it’s common to imagine a heavenly mix of mink fur, vicuña wool, and mulberry silk.

In regards to luxury hoodies, you may find it disappointing to know that most brands use a typical blend of organic cotton, polyester, and fleece

Of course, there are more ‘boujee’ options out there if you’re craving something extra, but these top three contenders are usually the go-to textiles for many apparel companies.

Sturdy, soft, and resilient under stress, it’s somewhat reassuring to know that even designer brands rely on the basics. 

Comfort, practicality, and design are three other factors to consider when buying apparel. No one likes an itchy grandma sweater, nor does anybody covet a super outdated pattern.

At the end of the day, you should select a designer hoodie that aligns with your current aesthetic. Trust me, nothing’s more humiliating than never wearing your $1,000 investment. 

The 10 Best Designer Hoodies 

That bomber jacket isn’t that impactful, it’s too hot to wear a puffer, and the clear skies declare no reason for a raincoat. It’s no secret that fashion comes with a lot of excuses, which is why we’re keen to own one of each garment. 

In the event that you’re feeling especially lazy, you can always count on a hoodie as your go-to. Casual, comfy, and practical, it’s probably best to invest in at least one or two sweatshirts for those who commonly wear them. 

From Acne Studios to Gucci, we’ve rounded up a few of the best designer hoodies for trendsetters to consider. We’ll also provide some styling tips down below. 

What Are The Most Popular Designer Hoodies?

Designer Hoodies

It takes a certain amount of confidence and determination to wear a skin-tight dress or a full-on tuxedo. Stiff in construction, it’s no wonder why most of us prefer comfort over style. 

All things considered, whoever said that practicality can’t look fashionable? Celebs, influencers, and trendsetters alike have all sported a designer hoodie on an occasional basis, including a few notable favorites offered by these four brands: 

  • Acne Studios: Oversized in silhouette, this designer brand offers a simple selection of hoodies to choose from. They’re relatively free of bells and whistles to help encourage wearability. 
  • Kenzo: This Parisian brand is home to dozens of in-season hoodies on its website. This includes designs for men and women. 
  • Gucci: Nothing screams “I live for luxury goods” more than Gucci. They typically feature bold designs, such as those printed with the iconic GG logo. 
  • Supreme: Considered the go-to brand for many hypebeast fanatics, their line of hoodies typically includes the brand’s signature red logo on the front. 

Why Are Designer Hoodies So Expensive?

Designer Hoodies

If you’re well-familiar with the haute couture industry, then you’ll know that most of the expense is due to hype. Luxury brands depend heavily on exclusivity and their company reputation in order to gain profits. 

Sure, you’re forking over $2,000 on a designer hoodie, but part of that expense is the flex itself. You’re automatically placed in the 1% pool of customers who can actually afford a Gucci sweatshirt. And for some, that’s something worth investing in. 

For some brands, a portion of the money goes into the craftsmanship and materials used. Some fabrics, such as vicuña wool and silk, are relatively hard to work with and difficult to source.

Other embellishments, like embroidery and beadery, may be partially responsible for the high markup. 

Are Designer Hoodies High Quality?

Designer Hoodies

As previously mentioned, most designer hoodies are constructed with a common blend of cotton, polyester, and fleece.

Craftsmanship isn’t something over the top, considering that most luxury brands utilize the same manufacturing methods as other ‘normal’ sweatshirt labels.

If it’s any consolation, luxury apparel offers the same degree of resilience, softness, and durability you’d typically find at Adidas, Aerie, or Garage. The main point of difference is the brand itself, as customers are keener to rep Gucci over Nike. 

Which Designer Hoodies Are the Comfiest?

Designer Hoodies

“Sorry, Grandma, I can’t cozy up to Gilmore Girls in a 100% wool sweater.”

If you’re looking for something a bit more comfortable, there are a ton of designer hoodies on the market. This includes brands like:

  • Jacquemus: Made out of 100% cotton, this designer brand features oversized silhouettes to help keep things more breathable. 
  • Balenciaga: Customers can find a wide selection of fleece-lined sweatshirts to choose from, such as the Men’s Cities London Hoodie in Black
  • Moncler: Designed to be soft and comfy, this brand’s selection of in-season hoodies will have you drooling. 
  • Selkie: This designer brand is best known for its selection of puff dresses. They also sell the coveted pillow hoodie as a more comfortable alternative. 

Are Designer Hoodies Worth It?

Designer Hoodies

Compared to sky-high stilettos and suffocating LBDs, hoodies are ultra-practical. You never have to worry about comfort here, as sweatshirts are always known to offer that cloud-nine experience. 

Often oversized in fit, most of the sweatshirts we featured have a loose silhouette to help keep things cozy and breathable. Plus, you can always count on cotton and fleece as two of the softest fabrics in the world. 

The best part about designer hoodies is that they can be worn with almost anything. If you’re in need of some outfit ideas, we’ll be sharing a few examples in the next segment. 

How To Style Designer Hoodies

As previously promised, we’ll provide some outfit inspo to help you sport your new designer hoodie! Don’t worry—this list won’t exclusively include the coveted pair of sweatpants. 

Designer Hoodies

Instead of wearing the usual pair of slacks, why not opt for some slim-fit leggings?

Not only do they elongate your legs, but they provide some much-needed shape when paired with a boxy sweatshirt. For shoes, we recommended wearing some simple lace-ups to keep things casual. 

Designer Hoodies

Princess Diana knew how to construct a cohesive outfit. So we recommend taking a page out of her style book by re-creating this iconic look.

Fashioned by Hailey Bieber, this ensemble features a Balenciaga hoodie paired with biker shorts. Accentuated with runners, it’s the ideal OOTD to opt for if you prefer something a bit more casual. 

Designer Hoodies

Sure, hoodies are intrinsic to the ‘couch potato aesthetic’—but you shouldn’t use them as an excuse to skimp on accessorizing.

We highly recommend stacking on some necklaces for a touch of bling. You can also add some rings, earrings, and bracelets if you’re feeling especially fancy. 

Best Designer Cosmetic Bags

You’re lusting to be a perfectly curated gal who seems to have it all together, and you’re realizing it’s all down to the details… and that plastic baggie in your purse isn’t doing anyone any favors. Perhaps your vanity is a complete disaster, and you’re tired of having all your products rolling off. 

Maybe you’re the girl who wants to travel in style, but that Louis Vuitton luggage isn’t in the cards yet. Worry not! A designer cosmetic bag is the answer to all your woes. Whether your designer travel cosmetic bag lands in your luggage, tote, or everyday purse, these luxe options are sure to add a touch of glam to all your carry ons. 

Lucky for you, we’ve curated a list of the 10 best designer cosmetic bags on the market that are equal parts practical and chic.

How to Choose The Best Designer Cosmetic Bags 

Best Designer Cosmetic Bags

With so many brands to choose from – and a variety of considerations to be made – it’s important to make a meaningful purchase. When it comes to anything designer, you’re making a large investment in your look. But, a designer cosmetic bag is something you’ll pack again and again, and if you’re going to splurge, it’s better to spend a little extra on something useful. 

Ultimately, having a luxury cosmetic case should make you feel glamorous. First, consider where you’ll be using your bag: at the gym, at home, or inside a purse? Next, how much are you willing to spend? Does the price correlate to how durable your cosmetic bag will be? Also consider… 


Every design house carries its own aesthetic. Once you venture into the luxury fashion world, you’ll notice that each brand embodies a unique perspective on style – that’s why two heavyweights like Louis Vuitton and Anya Hindmarch can both create similar totes, but with polarizing features. 

Branding is especially important to consider if recognition and emblems are important to you. Brands like Gucci have changed their emblem in recent years – with much success – but, this means that it may change again with time. While Mulberry is less flashy, its postman’s turn-lock is a signature understated element on many of its products.

Once you have determined the level of branding you’d prefer, it’s time to think about which brand’s style fits your taste. Perhaps you prefer a clean and pared-down look, and your tastes are more suited to the likes of Smythson or Bottega Veneta. Determining what brand fits with your personal style is key to getting the most use out of your cosmetic pouch.  


Choosing the right material for your designer cosmetic bag can make a serious difference in how it looks in ten years. The best designer cosmetic bags are made with nylon and canvas, because they tend to be more durable than leather. That said, having a cosmetic bag with grained, coated leather can be just as hard-wearing if taken care of properly. 

Alternatively, coated canvas tends to be more fuss-free and can be wiped down with a baby wipe or damp cloth. If sustainability matters to you, try looking for a brand that manufactures its products with recycled materials and/or sustainable practices. 

Another thing to consider is your cosmetic bag’s lining: if it’s made from fabric, chances are that it’s washable. A washable lining makes life easier when your concealer decides to leak or your setting powder spills. After the initial upset passes, you’ll be able to sleep at night knowing a quick wash will remove unsightly stains.


The prices of designer cosmetic bags can vary greatly, depending on the brand. The lowest on our list comes from Marc Jacobs at $104.35 and the highest priced designer cosmetic bag comes from Bottega Veneta at $570. Majority of the items on our list of the best designer cosmetic bags are priced above the $300 mark, with two items surpassing the $500 price point. 

So, if you’re looking for something on the lower end of the spectrum, there are two options available for under $200 and five options for under $400. Here’s our list of the best designer cosmetic bags, ranked from least to most expensive:

  1. Marc Jacobs The Beauty Triangle Pouch, $104.35
  2. Cuyana Leather Travel Case Set, $120
  3. Mulberry Darley Cosmetic Pouch, $224 – $325
  4. Smythson Panama Cosmetic Case, $317.08
  5. Anya Hindmarch Night and Day Pouch, $367.84
  6. Prada Nylon Pouch, $421.38
  7. Gucci GG Marmont Cosmetic Case, $450
  8. Bottega Veneta Small Jacquard Cosmetic Case, $570
  9. Fendi Beauty Pouch, $520
  10. Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Pouch, $550

10 Best Designer Cosmetic Bags 

Best Designer Cosmetic Bags

Our selection of the designer cosmetic bags has been evaluated with aesthetic, materials, functionality, size and color in mind. We have also noted current sales so that you can shop til you drop! Happy browsing. 

#1 – Gucci GG Marmont Designer Cosmetic Bag

Best Designer Cosmetic Bags
Gucci GG Marmont Designer Cosmetic Bag

This Gucci designer cosmetic bag is recognizable for its stunning quilted matelassé leather design and iconic GG Marmont emblem. Another beautiful feature of this cosmetic pouch is its dome-like shape, with curves that are accentuated with the chevron leather quilting. Plus, it comes in what Gucci calls antique gold-toned hardware.

A medium-sized option at seven inches long, 4.5 inches tall, and one inch deep, it comes in an easy to clean nylon material with a single zip closure. The outer shell is made of delicate leather that’s painted in exciting colors like blue, yellow, and pink. Out of all the colourways available, the black and gold combination remains the most popular. 

As one of the most high maintenance options on our list, it will require some looking after. But the style is trendy and opulent, and well worth the $450 price tag (if you ask us). 

#2 – Louis Vuitton Designer Cosmetic Bag

Best Designer Cosmetic Bags
Louis Vuitton Designer Cosmetic Bag

Louis Vuitton comes in at the top of the list in terms of price, but what it lacks in affordability it delivers in functionality. The brand strikes the perfect balance between luxury and durability with this tough canvas cosmetic bag which has an easily washable lining inside. It comes in a variety of materials including an elegant Epi leather for $550. 

This cosmetic pouch also comes in two sizes: the Cosmetic Pouch and the Cosmetic Pouch GM. The latter weighs in at 6.7 inches long, 4.7 inches tall, and 2.4 inches deep, and the former adds about two extra inches on the length and width for those that like to carry more with them. An added bonus is the small inner wall pocket that stores frequently used flat items like gum or blotting sheets. 

The bag’s rounded design allows it to fit into tapered bags, as well as any suitcase or duffle. The shape is classic and Louis Vuitton nailed it in with the finer details, including a small amount of vachetta leather near the gold-toned zipper, which will develop patina overtime. 

#3 – Prada Nylon Designer Cosmetic Bag

Best Designer Cosmetic Bags
Prada Nylon Designer Cosmetic Bag

Prada’s take on a cosmetic bag comes in a boxy shape with rounded corners and is fabricated with the brand’s well-loved nylon material. Given its practical construction, Prada has pulled out all the stops to make this pouch look and feel special. They’ve added an enamel logo – not once, but twice! – and embellished the outside with their sleek triangular metal logo. 

Small leather details around the zipper and the addition of a removable leather strap makes it the perfect grab-and-go option for travel. Not only does the leather strap give you more bang for your buck, it also adds versatility to an already practical and durable design. This bag contains no inner wall pockets either – not that those tiny pockets fit much anyway. 

In terms of size, this designer travel cosmetic bag is very comparable to the Louis Vuitton option, sitting at 6.7 inches long, 4.3 inches tall, and 1.9 inches deep. It also comes in a limited assortment of colors such as beige, bright blue, and orange. This is a strong contender for a more trendy pouch that’s actually built to last for $421.38.  

#4 – Cuyana Leather Designer Cosmetic Bag

Best Designer Cosmetic Bags
Cuyana Leather Designer Cosmetic Bag

Cuyana’s variation of a designer cosmetic bag is our most underrated pick on this list and sits at a comfortable $120. The domed-design duo does double duty, so you can divide up your essentials and stay more organized. All of Cuyana’s designs come in pebbled leather and microfiber lining so that you don’t need to worry about scratching or stains.

This designer cosmetic bag also comes in the largest array of color options – a total of 16 – including a limited tenth-anniversary edition in orange. The brand is a part of the Leather Working Group (LWG), which practices responsible leather tanning processes performed with family-owned workshops that are backed by two generations of knowledge.

Both designer travel cosmetic bags weigh a total of one pound. The larger of the two pouches come with a small interior pocket and measures 12 inches long, 7 inches tall, and 3.5 inches deep, while the smaller of the set is 8 inches long, 5 inches tall, and 2.5 inches deep. 

Overall, Cuyana has proven to be cost-effective and detail-oriented, going above and beyond to make a designer cosmetic bag you can feel good about using.  

#5 – Fendi Small Beauty Designer Cosmetic Bag

Best Designer Cosmetic Bags
Fendi Small Beauty Designer Cosmetic Bag

Fendi’s coated canvas interpretation of a designer travel cosmetic bag leans more on the boxy side. The real star of the show is their futuristic vertigo-like motif that covers the entirety of the bag, which is priced at $520. It comes in blue/white and brown/black, and has a gold zipper that seals it shut. 

The bright pop of yellow in this bag combined with the bold monogram design makes it very recognizable and cutting edge. It also doesn’t take up too much room in a large purse or duffle, as it’s 5.9 inches long, 4.5 inches tall, and 3.3 inches deep. 

Finally, let’s get into a few final nitty-gritty details: there’s a small pocket on the inside of this bag, which is manufactured in Italy. And there are small leather details on the zipper and loops which are made of 100% calf leather

Whether you’re throwing in some toiletries for a weekend away or using this cosmetic bag to organize a large purse, Fendi delivers the extra pizazz that will up your style cred.

#6 – Botegga Veneta Small Jacquard Designer Cosmetic Bag

Best Designer Cosmetic Bags
Botegga Veneta Small Jacquard Designer Cosmetic Bag

Bottega Veneta offers something different with their free-form pouch, in a soft and flexible textile that will mold to all your essentials. Plus, it comes in two fun colors – a silver-toned blue and a tropical green – that give us all the vacation vibes. 

Bottega is well-known for their trademarked weave design that covers the famous Padded Cassette bag, and we see a cheeky nod to this with the jacquard fabric used on the exterior. Priced at $570, you can fit a lot between the two-way zipper that allows for quick and easy access. 

Silver-toned hardware decorates this 8-inch long, 5-inch tall, and 5-inch deep cosmetic bag, the only downfall being it’s loose shape. For the woman who prefers her cosmetics upright, take caution against this one – it won’t keep you very organized, but it will easily fit into the nooks and crannies of your purse. 

#7 – Anya Hindmarch Night and Day Designer Cosmetic Bag

Best Designer Cosmetic Bags
Anya Hindmarch Night and Day Designer Cosmetic Bag

Anya Hindmarch’s Night and Day Designer Cosmetic Bag has the most innovative fold-out design, but it’s less suited for the everyday purse. Made to be a compact organizer for travel, its sections are labeled so that you’re able to quickly spot the products you need inside. 

The four compartments are for face, teeth, hair, and body, and in true Hindmarch style they are made from recycled nylon. As if this cosmetic bag wasn’t organized enough, it has two outer pockets labeled day and night, so you can pack in a few extra bits for easy access and extra storage. 

Another cool feature of this travel bag is the gold hook that you can use to hang it up on the back of a bathroom door. The rest of the metal details on the bag are also in gold. 

The dimensions of this $368 designer travel bag are 7 inches long and 9.8 inches tall when it is fully unzipped, and it comes in hot pink or black calf leather. The areas of the bag that are the most susceptible to damage are made of nylon, so it ranks fairly well on our durability scale. Just be careful around damp environments and liquids.

#8 – Marc Jacobs Beauty Triangle Designer Cosmetic Bag

Best Designer Cosmetic Bags
Marc Jacobs Beauty Triangle Designer Cosmetic Bag

The next best designer cosmetic bag on our list comes from Marc Jacobs, who provides a sprinkle of Chanel vibes with his quilted nylon cosmetic bag. At first glance, you’ll notice the gold-toned plaque at the front which is flanked with a gold single-zip closure. The rest of the bag remains quite understated with beautiful double-stitched detailing

The feminine design is played up with fun and flirty colors like baby blue, light pink, red, and black. The quilted detail is similar to the likes of Gucci’s cosmetic bag, but it comes without a hefty price tag at $104.35. However, unlike Gucci, this bag lacks the same edge and opulence. It weighs in at 8 inches long, 6 inches tall, and 4 inches deep, for reference. 

#9 – Mulberry Darley Designer Cosmetic Bag

Best Designer Cosmetic Bags
Mulberry Darley Designer Cosmetic Bag

The Mulberry cosmetic pouch oozes sophistication and is different from all the others in style, with a top flap and brass turn-lock closure. It is made of small-grained cow leather that has been treated to protect its surface from scratches. The gorgeous contrasting interior is the colour plum and made of long-lasting polyurethane

This cosmetic bag comes in a few different shades, including black, bright pink, brown, and bright blue. The brown and blue options are on sale right now for $224, if you’re looking to snag it at a deal. 

It’s constructed with one main compartment, but because of the style and lack of a zipper, there’s a chance that some of your items may fall out if the lock is not properly fastened. Made with leather sourced from Italy, the dimensions of this beauty are 7.3 inches in length, 5 inches tall, and 2.5 inches deep. 

#10 – Smythson Panama Designer Cosmetic Bag

Best Designer Cosmetic Bags
Smythson Panama Designer Cosmetic Bag

Last on our list of the best designer cosmetic bags is a classic dome pouch by Smythson. Smythson’s $317 version comes in Panama cross-grain leather, which at first glance is reminiscent of Louis Vuitton’s iconic epi leather. Made in Italy, the calf leather design is feather-light and lined with a grey, oil-resistant textile fabric.

The brand uses gold on all of its zippers and has included an elasticated inner-wall pocket that expands with whatever is placed inside. This designer cosmetic travel bag also comes in a variety of neutrals and a few fun pops of colour: they have your classic black, tan, beige, white, and navy, but the range also includes a beautiful blue and a bold red finish. The dimensions are 7 inches long by 4 inches tall and 3 inches deep.

Travel Bag vs Cosmetic Bag: What’s the difference?

Best Designer Cosmetic Bags

Now that we’ve broken down all the details on our best designer cosmetic bags, you might find yourself wondering what the difference is between a travel bag and a cosmetic bag. The answer to this question would come down to two main things: form and function. 

When you look at the Anya Hindmarch Night and Day Designer Cosmetic Bag, it is an extreme example of a design that was made for vacations and sitting atop your bathroom counter. Although it’s not as practical to throw inside your purse, it has a much greater holding capacity. 

In contrast, a cosmetic bag would be any small pouch that has an easy access point around the top. The idea is to store a couple of essentials that you can’t get through your day without inside.

What size of cosmetic bag do I need?

Best Designer Cosmetic Bags

Determining what size of cosmetic bag you need depends on how you intend to use it and what you plan to stuff it with. Take into account that the capacity of a bag is affected by how rigid the walls are. For example, soft, flexible walls will allow the bag to expand to fit more.

Many of the options on this list are comparable in size, but sometimes an extra inch of height can make or break what you want to fit inside. Consider how you like to store your items: do you throw everything in, or do you like to file everything neatly? Also, will it fit easily into your handbag of choice? 

Which designer cosmetic bag is the best?

Best Designer Cosmetic Bags

Here are the awards for the best designer cosmetic bags per category: 

Best Value for Money: Cuyana gave us an extremely chic and minimalist leather duo that packed a punch of colour. The bag’s effortless design and easy style made it the perfect travel or vanity companion. It’s extremely versatile and was the second most inexpensive option on our list at $120. Also, we love a good monogram. 

Most Affordable: Marc Jacobs delivered a very durable and feminine find for a slick $104.35. We love the youthful colourways and the convenient size. Its double-stitched quilting was definitely the standout. 

Most Innovative: Honorable mention goes to Anya Hindmarch’s unique and functional design. Extra points for all the little labels to help keep us organized, and for her use of recycled materials. We love how this design is expandable and compactable.

With all these considerations in mind, remember that buying a luxury item should be fun. Not everyone will jive with every brand out there – your friend’s Gucci cosmetic bag might speak to her style, but staying power might be more important to you. So, whichever bag you choose, we hope these guidelines help point you in the right direction. 

At this point, smartwatches are another daily staple accessory just like the clothes you wear, the jewelry you adorn yourself with, or the fragrances you spray on yourself. Your watch is a part of your signature. Your style. 

Typically, there isn’t much to do to personalize the look of a watch interface, so the band offers many more personalization options. Unsurprisingly then, it has become increasingly common to see people with watch bands that compliment their style.

Regardless of whether your style is edgy, rugged, preppy, sleek and sophisticated, or sparkly and ethereal, there is a band out there for you. And if you feel like splurging, you might just find what you need on this list of the best designer Apple watch bands.

How to Choose The Best Designer Apple Watch Band

Best Designer Apple Watch Band

There are three major things to consider when you are choosing the best designer Apple watch band

  • Brand 
  • Material
  • Price 

Although we will expand on these factors in a moment, we must point out why it is so important to have an idea of what you are looking for before you shop. First, it’s good to do some research because then you can avoid wasting your time. Instead of browsing through endless options and potentially overwhelming yourself with choice, use this guide to streamline the process. 

Doing research is also important so that you can avoid wasting your money. When it comes to making a designer purchase, smart spending is imperative. Instead of running the risk of return fees or other unnecessary losses, spend only how much you you want to. 


Brands typically have personalities, just like we do. For example, when we think of Christian Louboutin, we think red, sexy, sleek, sharp. On the other hand, when we think of Lagerfeld, we think of bold, gutsy, intense, high-fashion. This is why it is good to have an idea of what kind of vibe the brand embodies, so that you can determine whether you are more likely to find something for yourself amongst its products. 

Another thing to think about is whether the brand’s values align with your own. If you live a cruelty-free lifestyle, you might want your designer Apple watch band to be cruelty-free as well. The same goes for if you follow a vegan lifestyle or promote ethical labor


There are two major things to consider when deciding on a material for your designer watch band: aesthetics and comfort. In terms of aesthetics, certain materials will provide you with different looks: a chunky leather band might be more rugged, while a neon plastic band might be more youthful and whimsical.

On the other hand, if comfort is a priority for you, you might want to look into which materials are easiest on the wrists and wearable for long periods of time. Leather might be heavier and tougher on the skin, while a softer flexible plastic might be gentler and easier to wear all day. 

Nobody wants their favourite accessory to wreak havoc on their body, so choosing a comfortable material that suits your needs is an important consideration.


The price of the band depends mostly on the brand and the material. Given that we are in the realm of designer brands, it is a given that the prices are going to be higher than your department store band prices. That said, the prices are still largely variable depending on the brand itself, as some are more luxurious than others. 

Once you’ve found a brand that you are interested in, the next step is to consider the materials the band is made from. A band that is made of solid 14k gold will be pricier than a band that is made with genuine leather and has gold accents. Likewise, a leather and gold band will be pricier than a plastic band. 

All in all, if you are concerned about price point, it is important to have an idea of what your budget is and what kinds of labels and materials fall within it. 

  • Hermès Fauve Barénia Leather Double Tour Designer Apple Watch Band, $489
  • Kate Spade Rose Gold Pave Scallop Designer Apple Watch Band, $148
  • Hermès Saphir Jumping Single Tour Designer Apple Watch Band, $319
  • Lagos Smart Caviar Stainless Steel Designer Apple Watch Band, $595
  • Hadley Genuine Crocodile Designer Apple Watch Band, $133
  • Coach Designer Apple Watch Band, $150
  • Tony Burch Miller Designer Apple Watch Band, $115
  • Shinola Leather Designer Apple Watch Band, $150
  • Michele Gold- Plated Designer Apple Watch Band, $595
  • Rebecca Minkoff Mesh  Designer Apple Watch Band, $79

10 Best Designer Apple Watch Band 

The rest of this article will present you with a list of the top 10 best designer Apple watch bands. Whether you are looking for high-fashion luxury or chic designer simplicity, this roundup has an item for you. 

#1 – Hermès Fauve Barénia Leather Double Tour Designer Apple Watch Band

Best Designer Apple Watch Band
Hermès Fauve Barénia Leather Double Tour Designer Apple Watch Band

‘Double tour’ means ‘double turn’, which is exactly what this band does around your wrist. You can wrap this elegant and classy Barenia leather band from Hermes twice around your wrist, which makes it look less like a watch band and more like a sophisticated piece of leather jewelry. 

The Double Tour is a one-size fits all 40mm band that is compatible with most versions of the Apple watch. You can purchase this piece in one of two colors – noir (black) or fauve (deep tan) – on Apple for $489.

#2 – Kate Spade Rose Gold Pave Scallop Designer Apple Watch Band

Best Designer Apple Watch Band
Kate Spade Rose Gold Pave Scallop Designer Apple Watch Band

If you are looking less for a watch band and more for a piece of bling, then this is the band for you. Made with rose-gold-tone metal with pavé-set scallop links, this 38/40mm band gives us major luxury jewelry vibes.

Kate Spade also offers a version of the scallop link band without the pavé accents ($118), but it doesn’t sparkle quite the same as the pavé band. It comes in one colour – rose gold – and is compatible with the 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Apple watch series. You can purchase it on Kate Spade’s site for $148. 

#3 – Hermès Saphir Jumping Single Tour Designer Apple Watch Band

Best Designer Apple Watch Band
Hermès Saphir Jumping Single Tour Designer Apple Watch Band

Just as ‘double tour’ means two turns, ‘single tour’ means one turn, so this band wraps around your wrist once, but that is not the only difference between this band and the previous band by Hermes. This designer watch band is a sportier alternative, made of a nylon textile woven with a cool diagonal stripe pattern. It’d also swim-proof!

You can purchase this band in one of two sizes, 40mm and 44mm, and five colorways for $319 on Apple. 

#4 – Lagos Smart Caviar Stainless Steel Designer Apple Watch Band

Best Designer Apple Watch Band
Lagos Smart Caviar Stainless Steel Designer Apple Watch Band

If the Kate Spade watch band was the queen of boujee, this is her sister. Made from stainless steel and featuring a double-button wide clasp, this piece gives us sophisticated, city-slicker vibes.

The appeal behind this band is its pattern of straight links, framed by stainless steel pearlesque beads. Furthermore, Lagos offers free engraving if you intend it to be a special memento for yourself or a gift for someone else. 

It is compatible with the series 1-6 Apple Watch models, thus making it available to a wide variety of users. You can purchase this product on Lagos’s site for $595.

#5 – Hadley Genuine Crocodile Designer Apple Watch Band

Best Designer Apple Watch Band
Hadley Genuine Crocodile Designer Apple Watch Band

Take a walk on the wild side with this genuine Caiman crocodile designer watch band. Featuring a stainless steel buckle and a quick-release pin, this svelte band from Hadley is certainly a piece of eye candy, and what’s more, it is fully customizable.

You can choose the color of the band, the buckle and adapter in three different sizes: regular 20mm, regular 22mm, and long 20mm. You can also mix-and-match your way through 4 different buckle colors and 7 different band colors for the price of $133

#6 – Coach Designer Apple Watch Band

Best Designer Apple Watch Band
Coach Designer Apple Watch Band

This piece is modern simplicity done right with its sleek glovetanned leather design. It is, however, the most limited item on the list thus far, available exclusively in one color: ‘waterfall’, a light baby blue.

It is also only for use with the 38mm Apple Watch. Luckily, it’s on sale for $90, which is a significant markdown from the original price of $150.  

#7 – Tory Burch Miller Designer Apple Watch Band

Best Designer Apple Watch Band
Tory Burch Miller Designer Apple Watch Band

The Miller Band, inspired by Tony Burch’s logo collection, is made of black leather accented with gold double-T hardware and a gold buckle. It is designed for 38mm and 40mm case sizes and is compatible with the Apple Watch series 1-6 models. 

The thing that really makes this piece unique is the intricate logo design that is characteristic of many Tory Burch pieces. You can find this piece on the Tory Burch site for $115.

#8 – Shinola Leather Designer Apple Watch Band

Best Designer Apple Watch Band
Shinola Leather Designer Apple Watch Band

Handmade in the US and crafted with simplicity, this modern addition to your timepiece is a subtle flex of your style. The band is made of leather, accented with a stainless steel or gunmetal-toned buckle that is meant to bear resemblance to the Apple watch cases that come in either silver or space gray. 

You can get this band in two size ranges, 38mm-40mm and 42mm-44mm, two buckle finishes – silver or space gray – and several different band colours, including bourbon, black, and stone.

It sells on Shinola’s website for $150.

#9 – Michele Gold-Plated Designer Apple Watch Band

Best Designer Apple Watch Band
Michele Gold-Plated Designer Apple Watch Band

There is nothing more satisfying than a good combination of high-quality precious metals. That is exactly what you get with this two-toned, 18 karat pink gold-plated stainless steel band from Michele.

It is designed for use with the series 1-6 Apple Watch models and it includes two interchangeable end pieces compatible with both 38mm/40mm and 42mm/44mm styles. If pink or rose gold is not your thing, Michele also offers this beautiful band in a yellow gold/stainless steel combination for the same price. 

Both are equally stunning, but the rose gold has more of a dainty, ethereal feel, while the yellow has more of a classic wristwatch vibe. Get yourself one on Michele’s website for $595. 

#10 – Rebecca Minkoff Mesh Designer Apple Watch Band

Best Designer Apple Watch Band
Rebecca Minkoff Mesh Designer Apple Watch Band

This product is truly a nod to Rebecca Minkoff’s fun, cool, sophisticated, and edgy flair, which is seen in her stretch bracelets and tasseled multi-bead earrings. One look at her products makes it easy to fall in love with her easygoing style. 

Featuring a modern basketweave band made of stainless steel, this polished link bracelet-style band is perfect for those looking for subtlety. You can get this Apple watch band in two tones, silver or rose gold, and it is compatible with series 1-4 Apple Watch models. 

The safety clasp closure provides optimal security for $79.

What size of designer Apple watch band do I need?

Best Designer Apple Watch Band

Luckily enough, Apple offers assistance when it comes to measuring your wrists on their site. You can choose between the printable measurement tool, or you can take a look at what they suggest for at-home tools. 

For the former method, you download the tool, cut it, then position the wider end as you would if you were wearing a watch. Wrap the tool tightly around your wrist so that it is nice and snug, then note the number that the arrows on the paper watch face point to. If the arrows are on a line, Apple suggests choosing the smaller number. 

For at-home watch fitting methods, Apple suggests you grab a tape measure. However, if you do not have that, then you can cut a strip of paper, wrap it around your wrist, draw a line where the end meets the paper again, and measure it using a ruler. 

Of course, these instructions are a lot easier to comprehend if you are looking at the graphics on the site, but it is helpful to know that these tools and suggestions exist. 

Which designer Apple watch band has the material?

Best Designer Apple Watch Band

The best material for your watch band will depend on your needs, but there are a few characteristics of some of the most popular materials that might offer guidance. 

A couple of the classier options are metal or leather. Metal is timeless and durable, especially if it is a precious metal. However, it is heavier and can get quite cold in the winter. Leather is the next most durable option, and also can be quite classy, but it has a tendency to crack and age quite poorly.

Two of the more casual, common options are nylon or silicone. Nylon is lightweight, smooth, and rugged-looking, but it can fuzz after a while and it also is not waterproof. Silicone is waterproof and it is sleek and smooth-looking, but it needs to be cleaned regularly, as it gathers all kinds of dust and dirt. 

Ultimately, the material that is ‘best’ depends on what you need and want. Perhaps the best option is not to limit yourself and get yourself a few bands for all occasions. 

Which designer Apple watch band is the best?

Best Designer Apple Watch Band

Again, the word ‘best’ here is hard to qualify because there are so many different tastes and needs out there, but there are certainly items on the list that fall under categories like most affordable, most luxurious, and overall coolest

The most affordable band on the list is the Rebecca Minkoff Mesh Designer Apple Watch Band. Available in silver or rose gold, this stainless steel band is stylish and cost-effective, making it a good choice for those who want to have the sophisticated bracelet band, but do not want their wallets to hurt because of it. 

The most luxurious item on the list is either the Lagos Smart Caviar Stainless Steel Designer Apple Watch Band or the Michele Gold- Plated Designer Apple Watch Band. Both have a price tag of $595, so they are on the higher-end.

Overall, the coolest watch on the list is the Double Tour by Hermes. The double-wrap look is explorer-meets-city chic, and we love that it functions as a smartwatch band and a hip, bohemian piece of jewelry.

10 Best Black Jeans Men

Nothing beats having a versatile piece of clothing in your closet that can be styled for any occasion on any day of the year. If there’s one color that can be incorporated into any look, it’s black.

This dark tone can be worn for formal events and even casual outings

Of course, pants take up a large portion of any outfit. Plus, they can be a backdrop, allowing other pieces, colors, and prints to stand out against them.

Black jeans for men are a wardrobe staple just like a little back dress is for women. Basically, black jeans are easy to style and a must-have for pretty much anyone.

What Makes A Good Pair Of Black Jeans For Men? 

10 Best Black Jeans Men

Good quality jeans aren’t too hard to find. Most stores sell reliable, durable, and simultaneously fashionable denim.

So, when looking for a quality pair of black jeans for men, you can likely hit up your goto stores to find what you’re looking for. And a quick feel of the jeans will help you determine whether they’re strong and the material is thick. 

Finding The Best Black Jeans For Men 

10 Best Black Jeans Men

Knowing your personal style and desired fit will narrow down your search for the best black jeans for men. As with other denim, you can choose from a few different fits—including slim, skinny, or loose.

A slim fit is one of the better options in terms of versatility for day to evening wear. 

Of course, it’s always recommended that you try jeans on before you buy them.

Although sizing numbers are usually the same across brands, all jeans fit differently. So the safest bet is to try them on to make sure they fit exactly how you want them to. 

The 10 Best Black Jeans For Men 

10 Best Black Jeans Men

Of course, everyone’s style is unique. But, there are a few of the best black jeans for men that seem to be the most trendy.

So, take a look at the list below and you might find a pair that stands out to you. Happy browsing!ShortcodeShortcode

What Are The Most Popular Black Jeans For Men?

10 Best Black Jeans Men

The Slim LUXE Traveler Black Jean from Banana Republic has a tapered slim fit that can complement most men’s physiques.

The name of these pants gets it right because the tapered fit will definitely appear to slim down your body and accentuate your legs and hips. Plus, this pair of dark denim pants can easily be dressed up or worn casually. 

10 Best Black Jeans Men

When you think of denim, one of the first brand names to pop into your head is likely Levi’s. The 505™ Regular Fit Men’s Jeans have a more loose straight leg fit and a very dark tone. 

This pair is made for the guys who live a more chilled lifestyle and like to prioritize comfort in their wardrobe. Levi’s also sells some of the most highquality, reasonably priced denim you can buy.

What Style Of Black Jeans For Men Can You Get?

10 Best Black Jeans Men

Surprisingly, basic black jeans actually come in a variety of styles. Also, keep in mind that there are different shades of black. For instance, you can choose a really dark hue or a more lightened acid wash shade.

Then, like I already mentioned, there are several different fits to choose from. For example, there’s slim, skinny, straight-leg, loose, or even a cargo style. 

How To Style Black Jeans For Men

10 Best Black Jeans Men

This is an example of how to style skinny black jeans for an outing that needs a little extra glam.

While the mid-wash, denim shirt with rolled-up sleeves adds a casual vibe to the look, the slim black jeans dress it up. Plus, the brown Chelsea boots give the ensemble a touch of sophistication. Now he’s ready to hit the town!

10 Best Black Jeans Men

I told you that dark denim jeans can be worn all year round without looking out of place, and they pair well with your winter coat too! Here’s a perfect example of what I mean. Featuring mostly neutral shades, this man’s ensemble looks put together and suave. 

10 Best Black Jeans Men

Then, of course, there’s the casual look that includes a cozy hoodie, some of your best, comfiest sneakers, and a pair of snug dark-wash jeans. Even though this guy chose to sport a casual outfit, he certainly didn’t compromise on style.